The New and History – art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 Proceedings

The book, published by Noema Media & Publishing, collects the proceedings of art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 conference, that took place in Bologna, July 3-5 2017. art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 International conference was keen on the relationship between artistic and scientific disciplines and celebrated the 50th anniversary of Leonardojournal, published by MIT Press, […]

Europe Vs Facebook

English [Italiano sotto] With over 800 million users worldwide, the Facebook social networking service is one of the favorite meeting places online. Here, people can correspond with friends, get back in touch with long-lost acquaintances from school days, contact business associates, get information about popular music groups, share pictures or […]


La terza generazione è quella che fa più fatica ad adattarsi ai nuovi linguaggi digitali e ad apprendere il funzionamento degli strumenti in grado di rendere possibile questo nuovo tipo di comunicazione, dove il messaggio viaggia senza il suo supporto. Noi prepariamo un piatto, lo fotografiamo e lo postiamo sui […]

let’s wear the technology!

My first experience at “Ars Electronica”, which took place again in Linz (Austria), has come to the end: it was a very peculiar experience, as well as interesting and exciting. The festival’s theme for this year was about A.I (artificial intelligences), which is for sure a very actual theme as […]

New Technologies, Would Threat?

ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2017 – artificial intelligence Also this year was the Ars Electronica festival, an event where art, music and technology blend, thus promoting an interactive scientific dissemination. It is certainly a pleasure to see how, even in a small city like Linz, one can still talk about the […]

Recensione di art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 / Review of art*science 2017/Leonardo 50

ITA] E’ uscita una bella recensione di art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 di Elena Giulia Rossi su Il Sole 24 Ore del 6 Agosto, che proponiamo di seguito. fivewordsforthefuture era media partner dell’evento. [ENG] Here enclosed a beautiful review of art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 by Elena Giulia Rossi on Il Sole 24 Ore, August 6, which […]

soil: memory and affect

During the entire time of “Life in the soil”, I kept thinking of the above little animation. Then, I attended Lisa Hirmer’s presentation. “The Law of conservation of mass states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be rearranged”.  This principle informs her work Pile Dirt. […]

Soil as live entity

Despite the differences in their interest and area of competence, the three presentations by a soil scientists, Jeffrey Howard, a community gardener, Steven Green and a bioartist, Nicole Clouston, revolved around the idea that soil is essentially a live entity which grows, changes and interacts with the surrounding environment (this […]

multisensorial approaches to soil

A few days before the events, participants were asked to collect one handful of “dry soil in a plastic zip-lock bag.” The sample could be from your garden or backyard, but could also come from a contested site, such as a contaminated site, a remediated land, or a site of […]

Wine Making and its Myths

Geologically speaking, the area around the great lakes has a very interesting story. In fact, the land shifted and folded quite frequently and glaciers advanced and retracted unevenly. The result is a very diverse soil whose content may range from sandy to rich in clay. The Windsor region, known as […]

A Bed of Soil

It’s been roughly one week since Life in the Soil has come to an end, leaving a long lasting impression and, as it is the case for such complex and multifarious events, an inexhaustible number of questions. As Amanda White and Alana Bartol, two artists collaborating at the intersection of […]

n-blog è media partner di / n-blog is a media partner of LuminousBees

“[ITA] Dal 20 al 22 Febbraio all’Università di Genova c’è “Interactive Micro Aerial Robots Swarm I-MARS 2017”, conferenze e workshop transdisciplinari con artisti, designer, scienziati, tecnologi. n-blog è partner dell’evento. [ENG] From February 20 to22 will take place at the University of Genoa “Interactive Micro Aerial Robots Swarm I-MARS 2017”, transdisciplinary lectures and workshops […]

Oltre atomi e corpi: una post-riflessione su AE 2016 / Beyond atoms and bodies: a post-reflection on AE 2016

[ITA] Pubblicato su Noema una riflessione di Giorgio Cipolletta su Ars Electronica 2016. La rivoluzione digitale ha riconfigurato e decodificato il nostro mondo immerso tra il bagnato del biologico e il materico dei bit, modificando in maniera radicale la nostra percezione. Chi sono gli alchimisti del nostro tempo? Con Radical Atoms and the alchemist […]