May 27 continued

In some way, medical artist Irene Healey  continues the discourse about the public perception of science as she provides a few –often omitted–remarks. When we think about the body in relation to technologies or to medicine, we always imagine a body that is abused, manipulated, taken advantage of, or, worse, […]

May 26- Exhibition at I/Av

A very short break gives me just enough time to hop on my bike and reach Interaccess, Toronto Electronic Arts Centre, to attend the opening of the exhibition “Whose Body Is It, Anyway?” curated by artist/curator Camille Turner (below)     Should the illegal traffic of organs regularized? if you […]

May 26- SymbioticA continued

Scientific director of Symbiotica Stuart Bunt addressed some of the latter issues 9see previous article) in his presentation. He described the relation between artists and scientists working at SymbioticA as a “productive friction”  and, nonetheless, as a relation between equals. however, the dynamics that make an environment like SymbioticA, affiliated […]

May 26: objects of contention

Judging from the titles of the presentations, today’s symposium promises to introduce some intriguing, as much as controversial, issues that shed  light and challenge traditional assumptions of science and medicine, look at the commercialization and strumentalization of scientific discoveries and denounce  phenomena seldom acknowledged by Western society (because they reveal […]

May 25 –night performances

The Festival offerings incorporated a series of performances and exhibitions that enriched, while further illustrating, some of its themes. the first appointment is tonight, with a series of performances features very dissimilar approaches to the medicalized body and its relation with the machine. Claudia Witmann’s  performance imagines the language of […]

May 27

In a number of ways, this last day of symposium appears to pay special attention to  public accessibility, the relation with and the perception of science. The recent exhibitions launched by the Ontario Science Centre (an agency of the government of ontario) show its mandate as informer and educator. This […]

Friday, May 25 Afternoon Sessions

again, the afternoon presented quite a vast and diverse range of examples of how new and old technologies, science and art are intimately entangled at different levels and serving a number of purposes. These were some of the protagonists of the afternoon: Community based creative expressions with the purpose of […]

Our master of ceremony

before proceeding with this exhausting and incredibly intense journey into the festival, I wish to spend a few words about our master of ceremony: Amos Letteier. his task is to introduce each  presenter  and to  fill the time in-between presentations (to allow technical preparations and some leg-stretching). As his main […]

Panel: art, science and emotional response

  Ontario College of Art and Design, 8:00 pm. Moderated by Toronto artist and curator Sally McKay, the panel featured microbiologists Abigail Salyers and Michael Schmidt in conversation with artists Oron Catts of Symbiotica and the duo Jennifer Willer and Sean Bailey from Bioteknica. To a fairly concise introductory talk […]

Friday, May 25 Morning Sessions

as more advanced technologies and science breakthroughs are introduced –supposedly–to ease our diseases or improve the quality of our lives, we also have to come to terms with the transformations they have gradually brought to the way we see life and death, the way the relation doctor/patient, health/illness, individual/health institution […]

Introducing Subtle – Tech 2007

  As May is coming to a quick end, I am ready for my annual appointment with Subtle Technologies Festival. This is a special year, as the festival approaches its 10th anniversary. To celebrate this achievement, no better topic could be chosen: the Festival title for this year is “In […]