Our master of ceremony

before proceeding with this exhausting and incredibly intense journey into the festival, I wish to spend a few words about our master of ceremony: Amos Letteier. his task is to introduce each  presenter  and to  fill the time in-between presentations (to allow technical preparations and some leg-stretching). As his main creative medium is  no other than “PowerPoint”, he has managed to insert a few slides that function as comments and coesive  threads between such diverse presentations. the topic he has chosen is “figures”. according to Letteier, figures are just everywhere: statistics, charts, taxonomies, assembled and ordered objects, etc.. can all be ascribed to the category of “figures”. below is a  shot I took during one of his guerrilla-interventions, which, although sneaked in-between the time cracks and often dismissed by a air-deprived audience, he sure was a useful as much as intriguing and fun addition.

here is a picture I took today