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Some thoughts on the Workshop on Tissue Culture

Some thoughts on the Workshop on Tissue Culture

the final panel of Subtle Technologies was dedicated to the workshop on tissue culture that took place the week before the festival.

here are a few pictures.

below: the participants shared their impressions. Most participants confirmed the difficulty implied with working with biological material. it takes a long time, continuous engagement and experience to be able to use this material with success and, eventually, to  get any result. In addition,  it is  easy to get carried away by the wonder of the tools, the procedures and by the excitement of working in the lab. However, as one of the participant observed, it was refreshing to be constantly reminded to keep a critical eye on the material, the discipline and the environment they were working in. Most of them confirmed that their excitement was always mixed with a general feeling of awe deriving from the particular material with which they were engaging.

below: Oron Catts explains that the culture that has been growing in the past few days in the lab will now have to be distroyed.

below: opening the box containing the culture

an example