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Subtle Technologies festival 29 May 1 June, 2008

Subtle Technologies festival 29 May 1 June, 2008

welcome back to Subtle Technologies! like last year, I will try and give you a detailed account on  what’s on at Subtle tech, “almost” in real time (please, be patient, this year I will be subtle tech MC. given my proximity with the presenters, I will have lots of extra goodies to tell, but I might post them later).

once again, I will do my report in “neutral” English, but if anybody out there is very keen, he/she can translate this into other languages.

the festival starts tomorrow with a screening of very cool and, frankly, quite rare, videos. everything is about light.

More tomorrow: in the meantime, here is the splash image and the press release

visit the website at

For the 11th annual festival we investigate light as a
medium and tool for both artists and scientists. Light is essential
to our survival, yet we rarely pause to question the various ways it
intersects with our lives. Through performance, workshops, film
screenings, poster sessions, exhibitions and a symposium we delve
deeply into this years theme light from the perspective of the artist
and scientist. Please join us in Toronto on May 24th to June 1st.

Specific highlights include (see schedule on the website for details):

May 24-25 : Hands On Holography Workshop, presented in partnership
with the Photon League

May 29th : Hands On Photovoltaics Workshop, presented in partnership
with InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre and

May 29th: “More Light”, a film program looking at light on the screen

May 30th – June 1st : Symposium and Poster Presentations, featuring
presentations by artists and scientists on light

May 30th : Performance Evening, performances using light as a medium
by Diane Landry and Arthur Clay

May 31st :“Living Light” Exhibition Opening, Pixel Gallery, “Light
Sensitive” by Diane Willow and “Pixy” by Experientiae Electricae,
installations of light, presented in partnership with Pixel Gallery
and Year Zero One.