its use is rare if one excepts the slightly moving tiny image on credit cards. The objects displayed are sometimes dubious (lots of scary images, monsters). however, holography remains as fascinating as complex. Michael Page has been producing and studying holography at OCAD, U of T and in his studio […]


By providing rare examples of experimental films, Bruce Elder showed how light can be manipulated to create radically different results and how it can be interpreted and filtered through the personal experience  of the artist. Light is primal, experiential and outside of language, almost a sacred energy, something that takes  […]

Light and Synaesthesia

Marko Ciciliani is a composer and performer working with the experimental group “Bakin Zup” Interested in the intersection of light (especially electricity) and sound, he was surprised to see how different audience would react to the same composition. Although his work uses light as an extension of musical parameters in […]


“…In 2008, where each year parcels of the Antarctic Ozone hole move over the southern part of Australia, our relationship with the visible and the invisible electromagnetic soup in which we live becomes much more complex.” By invoking the notion of Synchresis, Melinda Rakham illustrates how, in Australia maybe more […]

Saturday morning: light as a medium

in a different context but in a similar vein, Pixy, by Natasha Roussel and Experientiae Electricae seek to use light to materialize a full, tri-dimentional material object. The “light space modulator,” moholy nagy’s work , well highlighted in his 1930 film  suggests that “light will be the medium of the […]

saturday morning-manipulating light

if friday afternoon had focused on light as a naturally occurring essential phenomenon to which organisms respond, as well as produce, saturday morning was the turn of light as a constructed item that can be recreated to enrich the urban landscape. Like in the thursday short film, artificial light comes […]

friday night performance

here are some pictures from friday performance. Diane Landry’s “DJ” performance featuring found objects instead of discs and a few pictures from “le mariage”, and “Genesis” by Art Clay. A Basel based composer and artist, and former student of John Cage, Clay produces machines and music pieces that draw from […]

friday afternoon 2-light as (bio)response

if the monarch butterfly is compelled to travel towards light, the bioluminescent plants Diane Willow encountered off the coast of Main while on a MIT residence are reacting by emitting light.  These organisms constitute a fluid light medium that could be stimulated. Being this stretch of coast an area isolated […]


The immateriality and uncertainty that characterizes light requires sometimes elaborate efforts to capture and represents it in its complexity or to domesticate it to fit certain standards or to perform certain specific tasks. in its ephemerality, light is comparable to time, with its non-linear flow. Western civilization has done almost […]

light and the uncertainty principle

If, as in Hiebert’s observations, light fades into darkness, darkness contains light and vice-versa, then, light is both one and its opposite. isn’t it the story that is also told us by quantum mechanics? light is both particles and waves, while active viewing causes light to change its behavior. the […]

Chasing Shadows-Ted Hiebert on photography

“Light is not merely what appears”: using  Plato’s allegory of the Cave  as a starting point, and drawing from his own photographic work, Ted Hiebert identifies the paradoxes that characterize the capture of light, in photography, revealing hidden elements that tend to disappear during the immediate or direct observation. recalling […]