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Saturday morning: light as a medium

Saturday morning: light as a medium

in a different context but in a similar vein, Pixy, by Natasha Roussel and Experientiae Electricae seek to use light to materialize a full, tri-dimentional material object.
The “light space modulator,” moholy nagy’s work , well highlighted in his 1930 film  suggests that “light will be the medium of the future.”  light can be considered a new medium.

Thus, instead of just projecting and fixing light to the bi-dimensional surface of a screen, light  can be used to display video in a volume. like other projects that create interaction with buildings by using a technique of low resolution imaging or highly pixelated objects  (see some projects Pixy explores this idea in an immersive environment made of square pixels that form  low resolution videos.

light, here, is treated as a time-based medium integrated into the architecture.

the installation Pixy is, along with Diane Willow’s Cascade and Circling, part of this year Subtle technologies exhibition at the Pixel gallery, entitled “Living Light.”

Interestingly, Willow’s bioluminiscent, ephemeral creatures are juxtapposed to  Pixy’s squared, low-fi appearance. here is a brief interview with Camille Turner, the curator of the show, in which she explains how the two artworks work together.