storytelling the future


“…In 2008, where each year parcels of the Antarctic Ozone hole move over the southern part of Australia, our relationship with the visible and the invisible electromagnetic soup in which we live becomes much more complex.”

By invoking the notion of Synchresis, Melinda Rakham illustrates how, in Australia maybe more than anywhere else, artists might manifest special bonds with light and, despite the differences in their approaches, they might display common elements and cross-modal threads.

Five artists
Robin Fox , George Khut ,Tracey Cornish, Paula Dawson (with Graeme Murphy)
and Chris Henschke clearly display different ways to interpret light and use it as a medium or source of inspiration, by attempting to manipulate it through sound ,
by turning it into a medium that represents bio-feedback signals, by invoking the materiality of light manifestations in the form of electricity, by capturing it throughholography ,and, finally, by experiencing the speed of light  through a synchrotron.