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Light and Synaesthesia

Light and Synaesthesia

Marko Ciciliani is a composer and performer working with the experimental group “Bakin Zup”
Interested in the intersection of light (especially electricity) and sound, he was surprised to see how different audience would react to the same composition.
Although his work uses light as an extension of musical parameters in composition,  many people still choose to close their eyes to better listen to the music played, instead of enjoying the piece as a whole.
intrigued by this phenomenon, Ciciliani started to explore multisensorial perception and the phenomenon of synaesthesia, the “involuntary stimulation and response from various senses while only one sense is directly stimulated.”
While modernism has  somehow discouraged synhaesthesia   (and the idea of singularity and pureness in art, Clement Greenberg’s idea that a piece of art has to be autonomous and self-contained), cognitively speaking,  it is an element that can be more prominent in certain people but that everybody harbors to a certain extent.

Ciciliani’s goal is  to connect, in his works, light works traditionally tagged as “pure,” “ordered,” and “noisy” or “impure” music.

My Ultradeep I for 6 performers and Alias are two examples of his compositions and his collaboration with Bakin Zup