storytelling the future
Month: <span>June 2009</span>


how to couple real performers and Second Life Avatars? how to produce a piece that compels and at the same time incorporates and complements the real and the virtual? This last question was asked in the two installations exhibited in “Transmute” at the University of Toronto art Centre. In “Dancing […]

virtual vs real

one of the performances/demonstrations that were part of friday night SL showdown is the work of coreographer and media artist Johannes Birringer (please, see Alien Nation Company, and Interaktionslabor) who showed a fragment of his latest work “Ukiyo” (“movable world” a short description of the networked performance can be found […]

experiments in SL

to interact with this environment in new ways or to draw parallels and connections between the virtual world and the so called real world.   two interventions were performed in SL were performed on Friday night: Alan Sondheim’s  “Mess” really tried to literally “subvert” the order of SL by inundating it […]

Subtle Technologies Start Tomorrow (June 12-14)

The theme for the 12th Subtle Technologies Festival is “Networks”. this year’s  theme is “Networks”. think of this topic in the broadest posssible way: internet networks, collaborative networks, social networks, biological networks, network models of spread and dissemination, the network as a metaphor, the net, the grid….etc…. like last year […]

Friday June 4, 2010: Challenging sustainability: indigenous challenges and assumed notions.

When we in the Western world think about sustainability, we usually deal with  consumption and waste. we tend to focus on ways to reduce such consumption and yet, maintain our own privileges and comfortable lives (which prompt even more consumption …and waste). We end up in a never ending circle […]