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Subtle Technologies Start Tomorrow (June 12-14)

Subtle Technologies Start Tomorrow (June 12-14)

The theme for the 12th Subtle Technologies Festival is “Networks”.

this year’s  theme is “Networks”. think of this topic in the broadest posssible way: internet networks, collaborative networks, social networks, biological networks, network models of spread and dissemination, the network as a metaphor, the net, the grid….etc….

like last year and the year before I will be doing a  report (mostly keeping a critical perspective on what is happening, but in a constructive way)  of this multifaceted festival which has developed and evolved in quite a stunning ways in the last 12 years.

given the topic, this year you can choose many formats to follow the events at subtletechnologies.   many of you will not going to make it in person (too bad, we really need someone to invent some teletransportation system!) but you can still follow it in real time on  Second Life, and  Twitter

and you can read comments on this blog or on this blog. since I know the other blogger, I will try to coordinate with her so you can read both without overlapping.

this is what the OCAD island auditorium looks like:


second life postcard