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Biological networks vs information networks

Biological networks vs information networks

Being a more than popular and sometimes uncritical connection, part of the conference had to be dedicated to comparing and bridging the complex networks formed by the biological world and today’s communication and technology networks. I’d rather not talktoo much about my speech and rather focus on other projects. it is sufficient to say that it  focused on viruses and the appropriation and incorporation of some of their most popular features in media phenomena such as viral marketing or viral videos. thus, it fit these topic (my website here).

“life took place not by war, but by networks” According to Anna Dumitriu (find her projects here)this network development and dynamic configuration can be explored by actually drawing a comparison between the two realms, the biological and the informational through the study of bacteria’s behavior and communication.
bacteria are far more complex than humans. they communicate through hormons. they “vote” on their status and their well-being. they  communicate turning into sporing bodies.
so much so that we can talk about bacteria democracy.

Cybernetic Bacteria 1.0  creates the first human-bacteria communication portal.
by sending  a message that these bacteria are able to understanding, the communication is open (though there is no way to prove it).

cybernetic bacteria 2.0
one of the major ideas behind this project is drawing a connection between the biological networks formed by bacteria communication and today’s internet network communication.
raising awareness about what is going on and how we can connect what happens at the microbiological level with the cybernetic level.