experiments in SL

to interact with this environment in new ways or to draw parallels and connections between the virtual world and the so called real world.   two interventions were performed in SL were performed on Friday night: Alan Sondheim’s  “Mess” really tried to literally “subvert” the order of SL by inundating it with abstract lines of colors, blogs of light and organic-like formations.



 Second Front brought, as they usually do, socio-political topics onto the often apolitical space of SL.”Red, White and Blue Dawn” explored the Canada-US border relationship, with some  fun moments created by the non-narrative and  the  stereotypical costumes (Uncle Sam sporting a pair of thongs and a canadian mounty wearing a white seal on her shoulder) and props, such as  the unforgettable CN Tower turned into a missile. while the the result might be  conceptually interesting (raising awareness through a somehow light satirical dramatization of the sometimes difficult relations between the two countries), it still appears like a big colorful party. one then  wonders whether this “big party with hardly any content but a lot of beautiful sceneries”  might be the result of the particular structure of the virtual environment (a cartoonish environment)or just the effects of a medium that has infinite potentials but it is yet to be explored in its full.