Location and information

  Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via della Moscova 28, Milano Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa Milano Public Transportation website: http://www.atm-mi.it/en/Pages/default.aspx Submission of Full Papers Papers (no more than 2500 words) will be required by December 23rd, 2010. Papers received after this date will not be published. Full details of copy-ready requirements will […]

New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New

Planetary Collegium, M-Node & NABA Media Design & New Media Art Symposium in collaboration with Noema and Mediateca Santa Teresa present New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New Thinking Media, Subversing Feeling, Scaffolding Knowledge: Art and Education in the Praxis of Transformation curated by Francesco Monico December 16 – 18, 2010 Mediateca Santa Teresa, […]

Material on the conference topics

Here some links about the conference’s topics. For any suggestions please, get in touch with conferences -/at\- noemalab.org Share, Share Widely (2005) A Conference on New Media Education Art of Free Cooperation Book: The Art of Free Cooperation. Ed. by Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovink. Autonomedia, 2007 http://www.autonomedia.org/node/41 Media Arts Scoping Studies (2009) The […]

Final technical dates

Due to the postponed deadline for delivering the abstracts (October 31, 2010), the subsequent dates change as follow: – Authors will be notified of acceptance by November 15, 2010. – Papers (no more than 2500 words) will be required by November 30, 2010. Papers received after this date will not be published. […]

Ethics 2

2) A second type of ethics concern was raised by a number of arists involved in the exhibition “Transbiotics” and by scholars working at the intersection between art and research. A problem that has been widely discussed (see the recent book Tactical Biopolitics 2008, MIT press ) but that won’t […]

Ethics 1

In the context of the main theme of the conference and the exhibition, the issue of ethics emerged following two directions: 1) ethics in pondering the figure of the hybrid, the entanglement of zoe and bio, the intersection of bio and info. 

In the first case, Zylinska suggests that we […]

tissue culture of informatics and biology

While Steinman‘s concern is not the fate of the object (or the organ, here represented in a simplified matter, because a complete—if ever exists–rendition would not help diagnose a stroke or a blood clot), or whether the object is represented realistically or just schematically . her concern is more related […]

blurring the boundaries: ideas and implications

During a panel dedicated to “sensations in worlds…”  Thomas Lamarre paraphrased Gabriel Tarderegarding the issue of social textures and, in particular, the divide between things in the world and things of the mind: in opposition to Durkheim, who posited a preexisting divide between individual and society that must be mediated […]

the Fold

As Daina Tainina claimed early on during her intervention, it is not sufficient to write about the intersection of meanings, words and material. Rather, it is necessary to make these intersections happen, by concretely practicing or experiencing such intersections, in the same way Leibniz did with calculus,  an attempt at […]

textures, textile, tecnologies and the skin

Remaining in the field of textiles, two further works provided diverse approaches that departed from the simple notion of tissue = skin, or skin =textile, to demonstrate not only the connections, but also the ethical issues that underpin the use of such logical analogy. For instance the work of Seçil […]

tissue as fabric

Despite the broad and multilayered notion of tissue and tissue culture, a number of participants in the conference and the exhibition interpreted the term as a synonym of skin, as a text, as fabric. However, all the explorations revealed a much deeper and complicated understanding of the above notion.   […]

Tissue Culture

 the notion of tissue as metaphor (tissue as fabric, as texture, as coded material, as networked code) AND beyond, that is , as an element of connectivity that  bridges the gap between nature and culture, material and symbolic exchange, informatics and biology. As Joanna Zylinska noted during her introduction to […]

Transbiotics- exhibition

as anticipated, conference and exhibitions were nicely coordinated. discussions and artistic interventions appered to responded to each other creating a strong thematic continuum. The exhibition and the performances were widely documented through videos and blogs. you can see Garret Lynch’s blog here with a description, a brief commentary and some […]

SLSA Textures-Riga and Transbiotics

I am back from a week of intense work and discussion in Riga, where I was given the chance to “double-dip” in two joint events: “Textures,” the sixth European meeting of the society for literature, science and the arts, as well as Art + Communication, the 12th International Festival of […]

Subtle Technologies Festival 2010. A review by Joseph Ingoldsby

The use of the word ‘Festival’ versus ‘Conference’ or ‘Symposium’ for the Subtle Technologies Festival, which was held in Toronto June 4-6, explained that this was a public celebration.  This 13th anniversary of the Subtle Technologies Festival was focused on Sustainability. Artists, scientists, inventors, architects, linguists, writers engaged the future […]