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Month: <span>June 2010</span>

Subtle Technologies Festival 2010. A review by Joseph Ingoldsby

The use of the word ‘Festival’ versus ‘Conference’ or ‘Symposium’ for the Subtle Technologies Festival, which was held in Toronto June 4-6, explained that this was a public celebration.  This 13th anniversary of the Subtle Technologies Festival was focused on Sustainability. Artists, scientists, inventors, architects, linguists, writers engaged the future […]

responsibility…complexity…responsibility…complexity…I feel like a rant should be in place….

In general, I was impressed by the variety and the depth of certain presentations. However, I was deeply bothered by a number of  statements that had creeped in the presentations. I am not sure if those presenters meant what I heard or they were fretted by the tyranny of time […]

Adam Zaretsky drops a bomb

If Emma Master appeared almost resigned and at peace with the possible loss of diversity, bio-performance-comedian(etc…)artist Adam Zaretsky  is committed to recuperate some of the lost diversity …in quite creative ways…. using the motto “reuse, rewild and recycle”, Zaretsky suggests that in order to preserve diversity we have to “become […]

art technology environment: geography and the voice of the people

in order to record or to examine issues related with sustainability, artists and activists have often resorted to the use of locative media. armed with recorders, camera and often requesting the help and involvement of the community, these practitioners often accomplish more than they had expected. for instance, while the […]

Friday June 4, 2010: Challenging sustainability: indigenous challenges and assumed notions.

When we in the Western world think about sustainability, we usually deal with  consumption and waste. we tend to focus on ways to reduce such consumption and yet, maintain our own privileges and comfortable lives (which prompt even more consumption …and waste). We end up in a never ending circle […]