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Adam Zaretsky drops a bomb

Adam Zaretsky drops a bomb

If Emma Master appeared almost resigned and at peace with the possible loss of diversity, bio-performance-comedian(etc…)artist Adam Zaretsky  is committed to recuperate some of the lost diversity

…in quite creative ways….

using the motto “reuse, rewild and recycle”, Zaretsky suggests that in order to preserve diversity we have to “become wild” (well, we need to become a lot of things, according to the long list he provided, see below) and not be afraid to use all of the arts that use life to achieve that goal.  porn, improbable unions men/machines, and self-extinction for the sake of animals are two more than legitimate options.

it is always very entertaining watching his presentations. it is also  thought provoking, if you listen carefully and take some minutes to think about what he says: his ideas might be  at times a bit controversial, but they incorporate some serious political thinking that question given approaches to life, the predominance of human species over animals and nature and  challenge our too comfortable way of life in favor of a more balanced existence.
for subtle technologies, Zaretsky organized a “seed bombing” workshop. performed before in Amsterdam, this workshop asks participants to literally “get their hands–and feet–dirty” and mix, mold and disseminate seed bombs and sculptures made of clay, manure, soil and various seeds (caraway, fennel, mixed flowers, wheat grass and poppy seeds). these “bombs” are then thrown at buildings and dropped in various places around the city, so that one day flowers and herbs will grow, making our surrounding environment made of concrete and glass a bit more green.
here is a video of the workshop in Amsterdam 

and here are some pictures of the workshop .

Mixing the dough..

getting your hands dirty
the poet gets a new hairdo
…and the building gets decorated