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Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture

 the notion of tissue as metaphor (tissue as fabric, as texture, as coded material, as networked code) AND beyond, that is , as an element of connectivity that  bridges the gap between nature and culture, material and symbolic exchange, informatics and biology.
As Joanna Zylinska noted during her introduction to the  “tissue culture” stream, ” tissue economy is also a very important voice in the economy of tissue.” Unavoidably, the resulting tissue exchange(s) are very material and multitextual, raising a number of ethical,  ontological and epistemological questions. in her project “If it reads it bleeds” about blogging and social network as “tissue” she asks:
“To what extent is the pressure to be connected experienced by many bloggers and social networkers more than just a neoliberalist imperative…? Can blogging and social networking be positioned as a form of life, a vital practice of becoming with, and which pulsation and distributed bodies, flickering particles of electricity, and under-ocean cables constitute a different form of tissue culture?”
a collage composed of juxtaposed screenshots of selected blogs, “If it reads, it bleeds”  lays bare the materiality that constitutes a blog or social network site. focused on the content, we tend too often to  ignore such materiality.