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Material on the conference topics

Material on the conference topics

Here some links about the conference’s topics. For any suggestions please, get in touch with conferences -/at\-

Share, Share Widely (2005)
A Conference on New Media Education

Art of Free Cooperation
Book: The Art of Free Cooperation. Ed. by Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovink. Autonomedia, 2007

Media Arts Scoping Studies (2009)
The media/electronic art scoping study is an overview of the current and pioneering educators, artists and scientists who have brought about the dissolution of boundaries that have traditionally existed between the artistic and technological disciplines.

Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEF)
The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEF) promotes the advancement of artistic research and academic scholarship at the intersections of art, science, and technology

Leonardo Educators and Students Program
As part of its ongoing effort to promote the advancement of scholarship in the field of art/science/technology, Leonardo has developed a series of initiatives under the Leonardo Educators and Students Program

Noema e-learning.lab
The e.lab (e-learning.lab) was born in 2002 from NoemaLab’s activities as a teaching platform to collaborate. The e.lab is online for the courses which need a learning system to share material, confront on topics and improve their teaching activities. The service is free

Noema edu.list
The edu.list is a collaborative project, co-sponsored by Yasmin (the Arts Science Mediterranean Network), which gathers information about Academic Courses and Masters worldwide on arts/sciences/technologies