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New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New

New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New

Planetary CollegiumM-Node & NABA Media Design & New Media Art Symposium in collaboration with Noema and Mediateca Santa Teresa


New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New
Thinking Media, Subversing Feeling, Scaffolding Knowledge: Art and Education in the Praxis of Transformation
curated by Francesco Monico

December 16 – 18, 2010
Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via della Moscova 28, Milano





Celebrating the 30 years of the Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, NABA, and as part of our blueprint program aimed at exploring the relations among culture, art and technologies, the PhD Program of the Planetary Collegium’s M-Node and the NABA School of Media Design & New Media Art, in collaboration with Noema are organizing a 3-day meeting on December 16 – 18, 2010, in Milan @NABA to challenge, foresee and debate in a subversive, non linear, anarchic and non academic free way, future strategies and forms of education in Media, Art & Design and the role of the research and production spaces for artists and creative professionals working with technologies.

“Always Already New” is part of the New Media Art Education & Research conferences that the PhD Program M-Node and the NABA Department of Media Design & New Media Art have been organizing for a few years. The education and research programs will provide opportunities for discussion and engagement with a wide range of professionals: teachers, researchers, scholars, curators, meetings’ experts, from art and technology labs across Italy and worlwide.

After the three days with international participants from many realms NABA Media Design & New Media Arts and M-NODE in collaboration with NoemaLab will also identify the key topics for a follow-up expert’s meeting as well as some urgent research areas to focus on in the 2011 symposium.


– Art on the Edge: new strategies for sustainable creativity;
– The New Creativity: art and education in the time of transformations;
– Transdisciplinary Territory: the limits of Video in Media education;
– Changing visions: new models of art in education;
– Beyond Sensibility: new perspectives on art and its formation;
– Authoritarian dreams imaginary, vision and utopias, beyond dreams;
– New Instruments for Teaching and Learning: do they change anything?
– Relevant experiences and case histories

Schedule (13 Dec 2010)

09.00.00 Welcome
09.30.00 Introduction Francesco Monico Planetary Collegium M-Node
09.50.00 Keynote Stephen Kovats (Don’t) Think! Just Do!
10.20.00 Presentation Roy Ascott The School of Syncretic Strategy: from cybernetics to technoetics
11.00.00 Presentation Pier Luigi Capucci Media education, education and media
11.20.00 Coffee break
11.40.00 Presentation Cristina Miranda, Matteo Ciastellardi New Instruments for Teaching and Learning: do they change anything?
12.00.00 Presentation Enrica Borghi The value of waste
12.20.00 Presentation Giovanni Boccia Artieri Education and Research in the Networked Publics Era. Spreadeable Knolewdge from Virtual Classroom to Amatorial Online Practices
12.40.00 Presentation Elif Ayiter Conversations, P-individuals, Avatars: A Cybernetic Learning Strategy for the Metaverse
13.00.00 Presentation Tommaso Tozzi Aspetti problematici della new media education nelle Accademie di Belle Arti italiane
13.20.00 Lunch break
14.50.00 Presentation Pavel Sedlak Learning by Doing: A Prague Perspective
15.10.00 Presentation Roberto Muffoletto The End of Learning As We know It
15.30.00 Presentation Fabio Fornasari Research, art, education: new insights and visions at the crossroad of social media
15.50.00 Presentation tbd
16.10.00 Coffee break
16.30.00 Presentation Simona Caraceni Technology in higher education of arts
16.50.00 Presentation Polona Tratnik Interdisciplinary Approaches to New- and Inter-Media Art Education and Research
17.10.00 Presentation Alberto D’Ottavi
17.30.00 Presentation tbd
17.50.00 Break
18.10.00 Panel Pier Luigi Capucci Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Stephen Kovats
Friday, 17th Dec. 2010
09.00.00 Welcome
09.30.00 Keynote Michel Bauwens, Adam Arvidsson, Bertram Niessen The P2P Foundation as an ecology of peer learning
10.00.00 Presentation Antonio Caronia Learning doesn’t mean submission. Freedom and profitability in school systems.
10.20.00 Presentation Tarin Gartner Performance art and relational art: a call for modernism and post modernism concepts 
10.40.00 Presentation Salvatore Iaconesi, Stefano Bonifazi Utopian Architectures and the dictatorship of the imaginary
11.00.00 Presentation Alessandro Ludovico Neural, magazine as a node
11.20.00 Coffee break
11.40.00 Presentation Gerfried Stocker Ars Electronica
12.00.00 Presentation Marco Mancuso DIGICULT. Digital Art e New Media Theories tra riflessione critica e formazione
12.20.00 Presentation IOCOSE In the Long Run
13.00.00 Presentation Sonia Cillari Performative Spaces and the Body as Interface
13.20.00 Lunch break
14.50.00 Presentation Jaromil NIMk – Netherlands Media Art Institute
15.10.00 Presentation Sarah Ciracì Art like a bridge between the achievements of scientific thought and the consciousness and perception man has of himself and reality
15.30.00 Presentation Efe Levent Developing a Sense of Responsibility in an Age of Manipulation
15.50.00 Presentation Massimiliano Viel Between noise and silence. An approach to music analysis, composition and pedagogy from the standpoint of “repetition”
16.10.00 Coffee break
16.30.00 Presentation Marco Baravalle The experience of S.a.L.E
16.50.00 Presentation Alterazioni Video The Californization of the Planet
17.10.00 Presentation Amos Bianchi The Chance Keepers
17.30.00 Presentation tbd
17.50.00 Break
18.10.00 Panel Antonio Caronia Gerfried Stocker, Josephine Bosma
Saturday, 18th Dec. 2010
09.00.00 Welcome
09.30.00 Keynote Siegfried Zielinski
10.00.00 Presentation Alan Shapiro Transforming Computer Science into a Humanities Subject
10.20.00 Presentation Tine Melzer Verbal Visualization
10.40.00 Presentation Domenico Quaranta Talking to a Wider Audience: New Media in the Art Fair
11.00.00 Presentation James Moore, Barry Cooper The 3 ecologies as a design pedagogy
11.20.00 Coffee break
11.40.00 Presentation Franco Torriani Artists residencies: towards a mobility to come?
12.00.00 Presentation Francesco Monico History and ideas
12.20.00 Presentation Gabriela Galati Theater of Memory & Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas as Archive Models for the (Virtual) Conservation and Communication of Knowledge
12.40.00 Presentation Jennifer Kanary Art and Research, an innovative education Honours Programme that supports future art science collaborations
13.00.00 Presentation Jaromil Design patterns between Free Software and Permaculture
13.20.00 Lunch break
14.50.00 Presentation Dimitri Chimenti Notes for a rhetorical typology: grafts, drawings and inserts in Roberto Saviano’s Gomorrah
15.10.00 Presentation Patrizia Moschella The paradox of plenty
15.30.00 Presentation Fahrettin Ersin Alaca A Management Theory for Art Education: Fuzzy Front End for Independent Progress
15.50.00 Presentation Emanuela Patti “We are a dream in a dream”. The illusion of reality analyzed in film narration
16.10.00 Coffee break
16.30.00 Presentation Viola Lilith Russi Fondazione D’Ars: experimental experiences in promoting new media art
16.50.00 Presentation Luca Carrubba Code, cartography and relational learning
17.10.00 Presentation Mario Canali Homo Ridens
17.30.00 Presentation Roger Malina
17.50.00 Break
18.10.00 Panel Francesco Monico Roy Ascott, Derrick de Kerchkove, Roger Malina, Siegfried Zielinski