manuality and craft

2) manuality I should probably not separate what I consider “manual” from “craft”. however, there was something very ingenuous,  concrete and…well evoking the  “working with hands” in the projects presented by theEDGE laboratory I was very impressed by the material being produced at the EDGE adaptive lab at Ryerson university. […]


Exhausted and hyperstimulated, I attended the last day of the symposium hoping to not have to speculate too much and to se something very physical and material. I got what I wanted. it looks like whoever drafted the program of the festival had the same needs. the day was then […]


When I was ordering my notes for the blog I realized that  two events, respectively the Speed Dating for artists and scientists and the gallery exhbition had the same prefix: Syn, used to express something acting together, united, in SYN-chrony. In the first case, syn-apsis normally refers to the fusion […]

lines of sight: toronto observation

As part of the multidisciplinary commitment of Subtle Technologies, the already mentioned screenings, a performance held on the rooftop patio of the Beaver Hall artists’ cooperative at the foot of McCaul Street,  an exhibition at the Hotshot gallery, as well as a speed dating fro artists and scientists animated the […]

the sound-ification of proteins

in the field of virology and immunology there has been often a drive to represent and simulate the way in which viruses may infect their hosts. however, this has been done only visually, using animations or 3d simulations. the same has happened in the field of computer science and info-security, […]

visualization and mediation

An artist and researcher form Latrobe University, Australia, Mary Rosengren illustrated a key issue in visualization as an act of mediation. in particular she focused on the relation between those images produced in the artists’ studio and those in the laboratory. Barbara Maria Stafford once said that visualization is “a […]

displacement, translation and relocation

As I mentioned before, despite the diversity of topics proposed by the projects featured in this year’ festival edition, the similarities are stunning. it is as if the works by the most disparate artists/scientists/geeks were engaged in a sustained and coherent dialogue. In general, in all the presentations, beside a […]

On labs and camping aesthetics

Bringing a perspective radically different from the one brought to life the day before with the screening, but still framing her work in a way that sheds a new -innovative-light over scientific experimentation, the use of the lab and its instruments, Jennifer Willet presented her Windsor-based lab “Incubator” and the […]

Subtle Technologies 2011

welcome to Subtle Technologies 2011 a lot of news this years, both in terms of themes developed and programming. unlike the last few years, it won’t feature a specific key theme. in fact, this year the programming committee has decided to leave the topic “free”. maybe this is a sign […]