storytelling the future
Month: <span>May 2012</span>

human/animals and memory of animals

From the behavioral science of dancers, Rachel Mayeri directed our attention to primatology and, well, how our anthropocentric identification with primates can lay bare and ridicule our social habits.Her Primate Cinema  was hilarious and somehow sad to watch, as the split screen– one side showing scenes of animal sociality and […]

EXPERIMENTS: logic and emotion (and the misuse of “intuition”)

Last night we attended a dance performance of EXPERIMENTS, where Logic and Emotion Collide, a collaboration between dancers and  animal behavior scientists and ecologists. the piece is the product of a collaboration initiated in 2007 by dance choreographer Gail Lotenberg who approached Mark Winston, professor of biological science at Simon […]

Critical perspectives on the politics of cosmetics

Back to the general themes of this festival, I am reminded of Fernanda D’Agostino’s claim that exploring science with art may uncover the unseen. I would add that the unseen can consist of many disparate things: from Butler’s revelation on its more personal and visceral senses, we quickly discover that […]

seeing the invisible as art practice

Seeing the invisible and making the invisible visible is what Fernanda D’Agostino seeks in her art practice. Her collaborations with Biomechanist Dr. Bret Tobalske and cinematographer Harry Dawson, Environmental Studies Professor John Reuter, and, more recently, with choreographers and programmers, revolve around revealing elements that we normally don’t see (but we can […]

New Pedagogical models: Broad Vision. the arts and science of looking

 Broad Vision, a special  program that gives a chance to students across the University of Westminster to entertain a process-based series of collaborations with a special focus on science visualization and visual learning, gave us a glimpse not only on the empowering potential of collaborative teaching and learning, but also […]

Let the show begin: CC:me at the Redhead Gallery

…and so it begins,  a steamy  evening in Toronto, at the readhead gallery,  the remotest space at the back of 401 Richmond  street building… CC:me borrows the title from the pre-computer fax machine nomenclature “Carbon Copy” where Carbon is also one of the materials featured in this mixed media installation. In […]