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Meanings of water

Meanings of water

It was a bit of a relief to find that indeed, someone had thought seriously about the environment.

Marc Bohlen’s work is all focused on issues related to the  environment. However, he is  concerned about one issue in particular: popular science often talks about pollution as if it applied equally to the entire population. according to this thought,  meaning that the same principles should be applied in new york as much as in New Dehli. however, not only the standards regarding what pollution means , but also the perceptions and the needs of the general population changes in these two places.

Thus,  thinking that pollution applies to the whole environment is problematic.

His project Glass Bottom Float  rejects this idea by combining the retrieval of information regarding the state of water and the personal perceptions by the public regarding the same water. A floating public robot collects data regarding the conditions of water of lakes and sea, while individuals are asked personal questions about their swim. the question :”how was your swim today?” originates different  answers according to age, or whether they come from locals or from tourists and so on.

human beings are, according to Bohlen a “packages of information” themselves.

Remaining on the topic of water, Waterbar is a tongue-in-cheek “public water-well designed for the post-sustainability age.”

this geo-engineering water purification engine raises questions about where our water comes from and how we share this resource. the goal here is conceptual: it is to build an antidote to bad news about the water.

for instance, the user can have his/her water purified by choosing from a series of containers that hold minerals and stones coming from different parts of geolocations. however, this is no fancy water: these locations, in fact, are controversial.The  jerusalem limestone brings memories of land dispute; thassos marble from Greece reminds us of lack of democracy; the Verna Sandstone brings us back to the last days of St Francis; Inada granite draw attention to the Fukushima disaster.