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Mutamorphosis 2012. Tribute to Uncertainty (?)

Mutamorphosis 2012. Tribute to Uncertainty (?)

…with a little delay, and after a few inspiring days and a trip that felt like eternity, it is time for me to start transferring my remarks on the Mutamorphosis festival here. While I was traveling back home I noticed that early comments on the festival have already made their appearance on De Waag and on C-Lab . Thanks Frank and Laura! 

Now my turn. I found the theme that informed this year’s festival incredibly appealing: Tribute to Uncertainty addressed the condition of indeterminacy and insecurity that plagues today’s world, it addressed new directions in science and encouraged new approaches that would eventually transcend the tired and inadequate methodologies and disciplinary guidelines dominating that relationships between the arts and technoscience.

While I didn’t arrive in Prague expecting any radical discursive change, or any concrete direction to follow, I came to capture hints, signs, and inspirations to take home and upon which to reflect. Moments of great excitement were also punctuated by disappointment and frustration. the latter, I soon discovered, was not caused by the excellent presentations, or the great quality of the works presented: it was rather caused by a sneaking sensation that no matter what we do, and how hard we try to find new configurations, new methodologies new perspectives, we always  fall prey of a drive towards controlling, redefining and perfecting anything we do. In other words, we might have gathered in Prague to pay a “tribute to uncertainty” but we still had “the quest for certainty” stuck in the back of our mind.

František Kupka in Prague