June 9: bio-techno soups, we know where we are coming, but where are we going?

June 9 morning sessions were marked by two very different presentations, Scott Menary’s Born in the big bang and Alan Sondheim’s Digital and Physical Collapse. Interestingly, and despite their different approaches, they set a dialogue among each other: The first explained how the building blocks of our universe have been around basically since the big bang, first in a “froth” of particles and antiparticles, and then as more specific particles. The universe is transparent to neutrinos : they float around and traverse our bodies without interacting with or damaging them. because of their ubiquitousness and their longevity, they can actually be considered immortal.

This idea can be as well connected with Sondheim’s performance/presentation:  neutrinos are immortal, they don’t need us, and will survive us . Sondheim reclaims the connectedness of biological and digital life, of primordial life and later life. life creates a continuum.

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the two presentations in some way fill our imaginations with images of the beginning (as a big soup) and the end (a soup?)