storytelling the future
the ironies of thinking immortality

the ironies of thinking immortality


I would like to conclude this year’s report on Subtle technologies festival with a note on  life and time.

I want to dedicate this to my good friend Arlan Londoño, a Colombian Canadian artist and curator who had given me curatorial advice on the final panel. I had  invited him to participate as discussant, but as a twist of life and irony,  he passed away two weeks before the event. At his memorial, his friends and family read excerpts from favorite books. one of them was a quote from Andrey Tarkovsky’s  Sculpting in Time.

I believe that there couldn’t be a better quote to end my contribution.

Time is a condition for the existence of our “I”. It is like a kind of
 culture medium that is destroyed when it is no longer needed, once 
the links are severed between the individual personality, and the 
conditions of existence. What is known as the moment of death is
 also the death of individual time: the life of a human being 
becomes inaccessible to the feelings of those remaining alive, dead
 for those around him.