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MadScience fair and steampunk technologies

MadScience fair and steampunk technologies

It would be unfair not to mention the Madscience exhibition that took place on the main floor on the first evening of FunctionKeys . In fact, this was a bit different from the science fairs I had seen in the past. A truly local event, it featured instruments and synthesizers by photographer turned DIY technology expert like Todd Murray, a.k.a. SixbySeven, whose idea is that learning technologies by channelling artistic creativity rather than just utilitarian and practical purposes may promote a better attitude towards technologies and  produce much more interesting artifacts. some of these artifacts, were on display: mostly musical instruments and synthesizers, they were carved out of antique cases, old tools and even some simple wires. the aesthetics was definitely steampunk-esque

a Chimoon analog synthesizer


More sculptures made of scrap metal, and discarded pieces of technologies were exhibited in the table nearby: a collection of exquisite objects that we don’t see very often



…and all this was exhibited side-by-side the ubiquitous VR demos and 3D printers (a service that local libraries have started to offer more frequently, along with large sizes and poster printing services and even an embroidery machine!). To kids, these attractions seemed to be as interesting as the above old school experiments.


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