Beyond Uncertainty ?

Being an attractor myself, I had a special investment in learning how artists and scientists understood and dealt with uncertainty. Upon meeting the artists and academics  in my stream Beyond Uncertainty we agreed that despite the title of the conference, nobody had attempted to define uncertainty yet. after one day […]

The Bacterial Sublime and beyond

Following her multi-year project on bacteria and the bacterial sublime, Anna Dumitriu presented a well balanced panel where artists (Dumitriu, Adam Zaretsky and Tagny Duff) and scientists (Kevin Cole and James Price) dealt with news on looming epidemics, mutations and lab waste: the antibiotic-resistant superbugs plaguing many hospitals, or multidrug […]

liminal lives or …the paradoxes of uncertainty

Everything preceding and during the conference highlighted an overall difficulty to deal with anything unexpected or unpredictable, starting from the fact that the program was only released a few weeks before the event. this caused some people to become impatients: this conference about uncertainty was indeed, very uncertain. I found […]

Immortal cells

Alondra Nelson is well known for her research on ancestry and the implications of DNA in genealogy. Her book Body and soul, the Black Panther Party and the fight against Medical Discrimination explores the way discrimination, far from being limited to the social realm,  intervenes  at the medical and genetic level […]

EXPERIMENTS: logic and emotion (and the misuse of “intuition”)

Last night we attended a dance performance of EXPERIMENTS, where Logic and Emotion Collide, a collaboration between dancers and  animal behavior scientists and ecologists. the piece is the product of a collaboration initiated in 2007 by dance choreographer Gail Lotenberg who approached Mark Winston, professor of biological science at Simon […]

Meanings of water

It was a bit of a relief to find that indeed, someone had thought seriously about the environment. Marc Bohlen’s work is all focused on issues related to the  environment. However, he is  concerned about one issue in particular: popular science often talks about pollution as if it applied equally […]

seeing the invisible as art practice

Seeing the invisible and making the invisible visible is what Fernanda D’Agostino seeks in her art practice. Her collaborations with Biomechanist Dr. Bret Tobalske and cinematographer Harry Dawson, Environmental Studies Professor John Reuter, and, more recently, with choreographers and programmers, revolve around revealing elements that we normally don’t see (but we can […]