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manuality and craft

2) manuality I should probably not separate what I consider “manual” from “craft”. however, there was something very ingenuous,  concrete and…well evoking the  “working with hands” in the projects presented by theEDGE laboratory I was very impressed by the material being produced at the EDGE adaptive lab at Ryerson university. […]


When I was ordering my notes for the blog I realized that  two events, respectively the Speed Dating for artists and scientists and the gallery exhbition had the same prefix: Syn, used to express something acting together, united, in SYN-chrony. In the first case, syn-apsis normally refers to the fusion […]

pedagogy and education in art/science/technology 2

entertaining and increadibly informative at the same, the mini-lectures by Ben Schumacher andStephen Morris, respectively a physicist specialized in quantum physics and a physicist specialized in patterns formations in fluid represented what I would have loved to see in a science professor but didn’t and ended up in literature. through […]

June 4: pedagogy and education in art/science/technology

unlike the previous day, which featured a variety of fairly diverse projects and collaborations, many of the saturday and sunday’s  presentations and demonstrations seemed to focus  on educational concerns whose outcomes eventually contributed to both fields involved (mainly science and the arts) in unexpected ways. For instance, the goal of […]

June 2 Phenomena- a journey around audiovisual art-science

Although it launched without a defined theme linking all the presentations and performances, Subtle Technologies maintained a structure that has proven quite successful in its previous instances: it comprised of a screening, a performance, an exhibition and a symposium rich of the most diverse projects and collaborations.  To kick off […]

Ethics 2

2) A second type of ethics concern was raised by a number of arists involved in the exhibition “Transbiotics” and by scholars working at the intersection between art and research. A problem that has been widely discussed (see the recent book Tactical Biopolitics 2008, MIT press ) but that won’t […]

Ethics 1

In the context of the main theme of the conference and the exhibition, the issue of ethics emerged following two directions: 1) ethics in pondering the figure of the hybrid, the entanglement of zoe and bio, the intersection of bio and info. 

In the first case, Zylinska suggests that we […]

blurring the boundaries: ideas and implications

During a panel dedicated to “sensations in worlds…”  Thomas Lamarre paraphrased Gabriel Tarderegarding the issue of social textures and, in particular, the divide between things in the world and things of the mind: in opposition to Durkheim, who posited a preexisting divide between individual and society that must be mediated […]

the Fold

As Daina Tainina claimed early on during her intervention, it is not sufficient to write about the intersection of meanings, words and material. Rather, it is necessary to make these intersections happen, by concretely practicing or experiencing such intersections, in the same way Leibniz did with calculus,  an attempt at […]

tissue as fabric

Despite the broad and multilayered notion of tissue and tissue culture, a number of participants in the conference and the exhibition interpreted the term as a synonym of skin, as a text, as fabric. However, all the explorations revealed a much deeper and complicated understanding of the above notion.   […]