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Category: <span>Subtle Technologies 2008</span>


its use is rare if one excepts the slightly moving tiny image on credit cards. The objects displayed are sometimes dubious (lots of scary images, monsters). however, holography remains as fascinating as complex. Michael Page has been producing and studying holography at OCAD, U of T and in his studio […]


By providing rare examples of experimental films, Bruce Elder showed how light can be manipulated to create radically different results and how it can be interpreted and filtered through the personal experience  of the artist. Light is primal, experiential and outside of language, almost a sacred energy, something that takes  […]

saturday afternoon -light narratives: “northern lights”

maybe an odd association, Jason Baerg’s northern lights,  Jayanne English outreach pictures of the sky and Nada Boustany visualization of cell death have a lot to share after all: they both try to interpret and reconstruct narratives originating from the sight and the impression of light. they meet under the […]


“…In 2008, where each year parcels of the Antarctic Ozone hole move over the southern part of Australia, our relationship with the visible and the invisible electromagnetic soup in which we live becomes much more complex.” By invoking the notion of Synchresis, Melinda Rakham illustrates how, in Australia maybe more […]

Chasing Shadows-Ted Hiebert on photography

“Light is not merely what appears”: using  Plato’s allegory of the Cave  as a starting point, and drawing from his own photographic work, Ted Hiebert identifies the paradoxes that characterize the capture of light, in photography, revealing hidden elements that tend to disappear during the immediate or direct observation. recalling […]

Friday Morning- Light: what does lie beneath the visible?

….and Goethe’s theory of light and color based on Newton’s seemed to be a first common thread. At least, his theories and observations seemed to recur, directly or indirectly, in a number of presentations Second,  maybe less noticeable but definitely strong, is the indeterminacy and the ephemerality of light. Light […]

MORE LIGHT a review of Thursday night’s screenings

INTRO light is everywhere, it is used in every discipline, it is used to observe  scientific experiments,  in theatre, studio photography  etc… metaphorically speaking, it holds many meanings: light not only stands for reason and clarity of mind, but also for religious revelation and divinity. it does not merely beautify, […]