Subtle Technologies Festival 2010. A review by Joseph Ingoldsby

The use of the word ‘Festival’ versus ‘Conference’ or ‘Symposium’ for the Subtle Technologies Festival, which was held in Toronto June 4-6, explained that this was a public celebration.  This 13th anniversary of the Subtle Technologies Festival was focused on Sustainability. Artists, scientists, inventors, architects, linguists, writers engaged the future […]

ecological literacy

I was very relieved to see Jody Boehnert’s presentation on ecology and education: she started by observing that  many people outside formal education are literate regarding ecology. this means that formal education about ecology is not sufficient, or it can be, only if it becomes transformative learning, that is, a […]

Adam Zaretsky drops a bomb

If Emma Master appeared almost resigned and at peace with the possible loss of diversity, bio-performance-comedian(etc…)artist Adam Zaretsky  is committed to recuperate some of the lost diversity …in quite creative ways…. using the motto “reuse, rewild and recycle”, Zaretsky suggests that in order to preserve diversity we have to “become […]

the end ofdichotomies?

While both McGregor and Varjee implicitly warned against dichotomies to define practices of sustainability (the need to incorporate indigenous and “western” notions, the need to go beyond the dichotomies rich/poor, bad water/good water) and proposed a more holistic thinking, science fiction writer Karl Schroeder   decided to take a utopian turn, […]