We will be Different: Immortality in Science Fiction and Popular Culture

To conclude this fabulous round of Subtle technologies, we couldn’t omit the element that  during these days has informed and enriched with its presence our conversations: Science Fiction. Subtle technologies started with a reference to the Hitchhicker’s guide to the galaxy, mentioned many times William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, Mary Shelley […]

Tweets in Space

Very similarly, Tweets in Space by Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern collected twitter messages from a 30 minutes performance at ISEA 2012 identified with #tweetsinspace tag. later on, these messages were beamed towards GJ667Cc,  an exoplanet that might (or not) support extraterrestrial life. In 30 minutes, Kildall  and Stern collected 1500 […]

The Digital Archive

speaking about memory and preservation in the near and not-so-near future , Line Dezainde ponders the precarious status of collective memory now archived digitally, both in terms of its arbitrary /curatorial nature and in terms of its ephemerality as a resource prone to obsolescence and loss. in the last few […]

Immortalized in Amber

Amber is  a resinous material  associated with an insoluble bituminous substance. It comes in liquid form,but when it solidifies, it has the property of preserving any object that has been trapped in it. many fossilized insects and small animals have come to us from remote past encased in amber . Amber is […]

June 6 retro-death-telegraphy

Subtle Technologies Festival starts officially tomorrow with the opening of the exhibition The Beyond Category at the Beaver Hall gallery, but let me talk about this workshop organized by Ryan Jordan. Tonight Jordan introduced Retro-Death-Telegraphy with his workshop at Interaccess. using a piece of germanium from the experiments conducted by […]