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Struttura Organica – domenica 9 settembre

Il terzo e ultimo giorno di Struttura 2007 inizia verso le 18 quando prende avvio la sessione MultimediaSuq, ovverosia un pomeriggio per conoscere alcuni progetti di giovani mediattivisti italiani. Il primo a parlare è Thomas M. Alisi, presidente di Media Boulevard (il digicollettivo che produce Struttura), moderatore dell’incontro e che […]

Struttura Organica – Venerdì 7 settembre 2007

Venerdì 7 settembre ha aperto ufficialmente i battenti l’edizione 2007 di Struttura, la tre giorni sul mare digitale organizzata dall’Associazione culturale Media Boulevard a San Vincenzo (LI). Il tema di quest’anno è Struttura Organica, per maggiori informazioni rimando al sito del progetto: La prima giornata ha visto il discorso […]

Some thoughts on the Workshop on Tissue Culture

the final panel of Subtle Technologies was dedicated to the workshop on tissue culture that took place the week before the festival. here are a few pictures. below: the participants shared their impressions. Most participants confirmed the difficulty implied with working with biological material. it takes a long time, continuous […]

May 27 continued

In some way, medical artist Irene Healey  continues the discourse about the public perception of science as she provides a few –often omitted–remarks. When we think about the body in relation to technologies or to medicine, we always imagine a body that is abused, manipulated, taken advantage of, or, worse, […]

May 26- SymbioticA, Tissue Culture and other complex dynamics

a considerable section of Subtle Technologies was dedicated to the work taking place at SymbioticA. As part of  the School of Anatomy and Human Biology, University of Western Austrialia, SymbioticA offers residencies to artists and other individuals who wish to conduct research and engage in wet biology practices. Important to […]

May 26: objects of contention

Judging from the titles of the presentations, today’s symposium promises to introduce some intriguing, as much as controversial, issues that shed  light and challenge traditional assumptions of science and medicine, look at the commercialization and strumentalization of scientific discoveries and denounce  phenomena seldom acknowledged by Western society (because they reveal […]

May 27

In a number of ways, this last day of symposium appears to pay special attention to  public accessibility, the relation with and the perception of science. The recent exhibitions launched by the Ontario Science Centre (an agency of the government of ontario) show its mandate as informer and educator. This […]