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Oltre atomi e corpi: una post-riflessione su AE 2016 / Beyond atoms and bodies: a post-reflection on AE 2016

[ITA] Pubblicato su Noema una riflessione di Giorgio Cipolletta su Ars Electronica 2016. La rivoluzione digitale ha riconfigurato e decodificato il nostro mondo immerso tra il bagnato del biologico e il materico dei bit, modificando in maniera radicale la nostra percezione. Chi sono gli alchimisti del nostro tempo? Con Radical Atoms and the alchemist […]

Playing Magnetic Fields

In his performance Fields,  Martin Messier asserts to play with magnetic fields. What he did, in reality, was much more complex. Using a –probably pre-programmed sound base– he coordinated his performance by manipulating two “connections patches that offer many possibilities to connect many outputs to many inputs”. The two artifacts you […]

Affect and gaming

I was looking forward to listening to Kara Stone’s presentation. While she locates her work in the realm of gaming, she refuses to follow the usual and trite narratives imposed by the gaming industry. Her goal is to inject games with affect, a term that she uses loosely to identify […]

World’s Greatest Looist – a one of a kind performance

This was by far the most Canadian performance I have ever seen in my life. Dressed as a ranger at times sitting on (and playing) a toilet and playing a Caribou antler, Dave Gould did a mesmerizing performance that incorporated electronic music and other hybrid/unusual sounds that could be synthetic but they […]

Function Keys – a new-ish conference on new technology and digital culture

Among the growing series of festivals, events, conferences dedicated to (and often over-celebrating) new and not-so-new technologies, I thought I would introduce you to this new-ish (in its third year) conference with the great title of “Function Keys“. There are several reasons why I decided to attend the conference and to write […]

fivewordsforthefuture – Interview with Christa Sommerer

One more interview we made at Ars Electronica, published in fivewordsforthefuture website. fivewordsforthefuture is a Noema project as well which aims at helping people to understand innovation, to imagine the future and have visions. This interview is to Christa Sommerer. Christa Sommerer studied Biology and Botany (1982-85), followed by Art Education and Art Study in Modern Sculpture (1985-90) in Vienna, Austria. […]

fivewordsforthefuture – Interview with Annick Bureaud

At Ars Electronica we have made some interviews, that are published in fivewordsforthefuture website. fivewordsforthefuture is a Noema project as well which aims at helping people to understand innovation, to imagine the future and have visions. The first interview is to Annick Bureaud, an independent art critic, curator and event organiser, researcher and teacher in art and technosciences. She […]

Ars Electronica 2016 – Press Tour, Solutions and doubts

Linz, Thursday, September 8. As alchemists looking for the “lapis philosophorum”, in the early morning we arrived at the festival main hub gate with an enormous need of information gathering. “Situated amidst the main train station’s yard, the PostCity is a 80,000-m2 facility that used to be the postal service’s […]

Alchimisti, designer, artisti e affini / Alchemists, designers, artists and related

Italiano [English below]   Ars Electronica ha sempre presentato un tema intorno al quale far ruotare le mostre e gli eventi, gettando uno sguardo al futuro. Quest’anno il tema è stato “Radical Atoms, and the alchemists of our time”, e insisteva sul fatto che, al di là della dimensione del […]

Ars Electronica 2016 – Everyday life gets an upgrade

ENGLISH: Thursday 8.9. , the Ground Floor of Ars Electronica 2016 hosted the exhibition of Navid Navab, Jerome Delapierre, Michael Montanaro and Tony Chong with their “Practices Of Everyday Life”. The show was portrayed in his version “Cooking”, the first part of a series that explore the enchanted and harmonious […]

Ars Electronica 2016 – Interazione con le macchine

Ars Electronica ha numerose installazioni che si basano sull’interazione con il pubblico. Spesso l’interazione diventa un gioco, qualcosa di divertente e immediato che cattura l’attenzione dello spettatore. Ecco alcune delle strutture con queste qualità di immediatezza nel catturare l’attenzione e divertire il pubblico. Haptoclone è un’installazione ideata da Shinoda e […]

Cominciamo dal contorno / Let’s start from the boundaries

Italiano [English below]   Anche quest’anno ho preso confidenza con Ars Electronica. Come sempre all’inizio tutto è un po’ farraginoso, bisogna farsi un’idea degli eventi e compiere una selezione, ricordarsi delle sedi e delle abitudini dell’anno prima (dove andare a mangiare, dov’è la banca, dove prendere i taxi, quali sono […]