Playing Magnetic Fields

In his performance Fields,  Martin Messier asserts to play with magnetic fields. What he did, in reality, was much more complex. Using a –probably pre-programmed sound base– he coordinated his performance by manipulating two “connections patches that offer many possibilities to connect many outputs to many inputs”. The two artifacts you […]

Afrofuturism and Black Future Month

In the past few years, art inspired by and producing Afrofuturism has been growing in Toronto and surroundings, thanks to a number of artists with strong agendas: I spoke before about Camille Turner, whose space adventures reveal the real stories and histories of migration, refuge and slavery of Afro- Caribbean and […]

Affect and gaming

I was looking forward to listening to Kara Stone’s presentation. While she locates her work in the realm of gaming, she refuses to follow the usual and trite narratives imposed by the gaming industry. Her goal is to inject games with affect, a term that she uses loosely to identify […]

Day 1 the Spice Factory

Function Keys took place in a historic building downtown Hamilton called “the Spice Factory”. it is worth spending a few words about it, since its story, as I heard it from its new owners and attendees, is quite interesting. At more than a century old, the building hosted quite a diverse […]

fivewordsforthefuture – Interview with Christa Sommerer

One more interview we made at Ars Electronica, published in fivewordsforthefuture website. fivewordsforthefuture is a Noema project as well which aims at helping people to understand innovation, to imagine the future and have visions. This interview is to Christa Sommerer. Christa Sommerer studied Biology and Botany (1982-85), followed by Art Education and Art Study in Modern Sculpture (1985-90) in Vienna, Austria. […]

Glimpses of Ars Electronica 2016

A short video on Ars Electronica 2016 made by Stefano Baldin. From the press release: «About 85,000 visits were tallied at the Ars Electronica Festival. “The public response has been overwhelming,” said a delighted Gerfried Stocker. “We knew that we really had to outdo ourselves at this second appearance in […]

fivewordsforthefuture – Interview with Annick Bureaud

At Ars Electronica we have made some interviews, that are published in fivewordsforthefuture website. fivewordsforthefuture is a Noema project as well which aims at helping people to understand innovation, to imagine the future and have visions. The first interview is to Annick Bureaud, an independent art critic, curator and event organiser, researcher and teacher in art and technosciences. She […]

Ars Electronica 2016 – Drinking A Book

ENG: Developed by “WATERisLIFE” and “pAge Drinking Paper”, The Drinkable Book let people to create safe and clean water from its pages. Every page contains advices to educate about hygene, and also is a silver nanoparticle paper filter that provides drinkable water. The project is still under development, the company […]

Ars Electronica 2016 – Interazione con le macchine

Ars Electronica ha numerose installazioni che si basano sull’interazione con il pubblico. Spesso l’interazione diventa un gioco, qualcosa di divertente e immediato che cattura l’attenzione dello spettatore. Ecco alcune delle strutture con queste qualità di immediatezza nel catturare l’attenzione e divertire il pubblico. Haptoclone è un’installazione ideata da Shinoda e […]