Sculture con le macchine

  Ars Electronica ha offerto spazio ad alcuni artisti che attraverso dei congegni robotici sostituiscono il lavoro manuale dello scultore in diversi modi, a seconda della diversa tipologia di materiale e sulla voluta resa finale. Talvolta le sculture sono ottenibili solo con le macchine, altre volte  esse ne favoriscono un uso più […]

Follow the river

Wednesday, September 07. As promised, the Noema Staff landed – in time – in the cozy city of Linz. On thursday morning we reached the main festival location – Postcity – and started our staff tour shepherded by the enigmatic artistic director GERFRIED STOCKER. Please, be patient, we will cover […]

Ars Electronica 2016

We’re happy to announce that the Noema and 5wftf staffs will be present in Linz (Austria) at the Ars Electronica 2016 Festival from September 8 to 12 following the path to contemporary alchemy. Radical Atoms and the alchemists of our time … and what comes after self-driving cars and the internet […]

working with Communities: inclusion and co-production, not education

I am usually very critical when it comes with working with communities, especially when these communities are what the West or the Intelligentsia considered “disadvantaged” or resourceless. I have seen countless examples of interventions where a well equipped, educated and clearly hegemonic individual or group literally descended upon a group of kids […]

We will be Different: Immortality in Science Fiction and Popular Culture

To conclude this fabulous round of Subtle technologies, we couldn’t omit the element that  during these days has informed and enriched with its presence our conversations: Science Fiction. Subtle technologies started with a reference to the Hitchhicker’s guide to the galaxy, mentioned many times William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, Mary Shelley […]

Tweets in Space

Very similarly, Tweets in Space by Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern collected twitter messages from a 30 minutes performance at ISEA 2012 identified with #tweetsinspace tag. later on, these messages were beamed towards GJ667Cc,  an exoplanet that might (or not) support extraterrestrial life. In 30 minutes, Kildall  and Stern collected 1500 […]