storytelling the future

The Beyond Category: an exhibition on Immortality June 7

“What does immortality mean in terms of a non-human centered world?” Our current world is a diverse mix of many worlds and many dimensions, we are ourselves a combination of the biological and the informational, we live in connection with processes that are outside and beyond ourselves. According to curator […]

Different notions of Immortality – June 7

What does immortality mean?  Does it mean surpassing the thresholds that define our mortal existence? and how? using what instruments? As I mentioned before, there are many ways to interpret this “transcending” mortal existence.  We are all  aware that it would be impossible to cover the diversity of approaches that […]

Media coverage of ST in anticipation to the documentary on Singularity

I was forwarded this article that will appear tomorrow on the globe and mail (the only national newspaper here in canada) entitled “What happens when our machines get smarter than we are? (No, don’t ask Siri)” by Geoff Pevere. It introduces the theme of the festival and of course  the subtheme of  (insert […]

Subtle Technologies Festival – Immortality – Toronto, June 8-9, 2013

Remember these? Last year, Subtle Technologies Festival ended with a talk on Henrietta Lacks: her life was cut short by a cancer of the cervix, yet her cancer cells were discovered to be immortal.  Today, these cells, known as HeLa Cells are widely used in biological and medical science. She died, […]

Crossbreeding Sensibilities

Another fascinating stream at Mutamorphosis was Crossbreeding Sensibilities moderated by Franco Torriani What are the hopes and fears of becoming a hybrid in a de-modern scenario? How to understand neo-biological civilization and its anxieties? Can artists and creative practitioners substantially contribute, by cross researches and productions, to the treatment of major […]

Diversity and Controversy

One of The most interesting aspects of Mutamorphosis is both its disciplinary and thematic diversity. gathered under the same thematic umbrella, artists, scientists and theorists engage in inspiring conversations ranging from the internet of things to the networks of power (Phillips), deal with the full spectrum of living and semi-living […]

Beyond Uncertainty ?

Being an attractor myself, I had a special investment in learning how artists and scientists understood and dealt with uncertainty. Upon meeting the artists and academics  in my stream Beyond Uncertainty we agreed that despite the title of the conference, nobody had attempted to define uncertainty yet. after one day […]

liminal lives or …the paradoxes of uncertainty

Everything preceding and during the conference highlighted an overall difficulty to deal with anything unexpected or unpredictable, starting from the fact that the program was only released a few weeks before the event. this caused some people to become impatients: this conference about uncertainty was indeed, very uncertain. I found […]

human/animals and memory of animals

From the behavioral science of dancers, Rachel Mayeri directed our attention to primatology and, well, how our anthropocentric identification with primates can lay bare and ridicule our social habits.Her Primate Cinema  was hilarious and somehow sad to watch, as the split screen– one side showing scenes of animal sociality and […]

EXPERIMENTS: logic and emotion (and the misuse of “intuition”)

Last night we attended a dance performance of EXPERIMENTS, where Logic and Emotion Collide, a collaboration between dancers and  animal behavior scientists and ecologists. the piece is the product of a collaboration initiated in 2007 by dance choreographer Gail Lotenberg who approached Mark Winston, professor of biological science at Simon […]